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3. Sent to us

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Our Order Form Guide


1. your company or personal information 


2. Choose style  

We make nameplates of various styles for necklace, bracelet, post earring, hoop earring.

Also, We make name ring and custom design special order.

We support post pin for post name earring. But we don't support hoop earring.


3. Style number

You can choose our catalog style number. However, if you want a special design, please fill in the special requirements section(#7).


4. Material selection 

We support only 10k Yellow, 14k Yellow, 925 Silver, 925 Silver with yellow Gold-plated, 14k(14/20) Gold-filled with Yellow or Rose color.

Gold-filled is only applied to cutting style single nameplates.


5. Choose Thickness

Double Plate : Connect the bar between the top and bottom plates.

The upper and lower plate thicknesses are 0.23-0.25mm.


Single Plate 

0.3mm(28ga) / Economical Thickness, 10K, Cheap price

0.4mm(26ga) / Regular Thickness, 10K, 14K

0.8mm(20ga) / Extra Thickness, 10K, 14K , Premium quality

1mm(18g) / For stone Setting Thickness, 10K, 14K


6. Order Name

Please write order name clearly, separate upper case and lower case.


7. Special Requirements






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